the first Halloween festival in Estonia

Welcome to Foobia Küla, the village, where danger lurks at every step and your phobias become a reality!


"The Sad End"

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All the people who entered Fobby's office never came out; they either died under strange circumstances or disappeared without a trace. Try to escape!

Roaming circus

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There are so many clowns. They are everywhere, small and big, harmless with beautiful smiles or serious with a menacing gaze...

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The guest wearing the most creative costume will get  3 lifetime tickets to all upcoming festivals in the village of Foobia Küla and 100€ voucher from Karneval store

01.10-31.10 - 40€

Special price
01.06-31.08 - 29€
01.09-30.09 - 34€
01.10-31.10 - 40€

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Foobia Küla
You get:
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Contest "The most awesome costume"
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Workshop for guests
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Zombie disco area
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Face painting
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Unique escape rooms
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Creepy photo areas
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Realistic decorations
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Halloween fair with a wide selection
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Terribly delicious food
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Traditional Halloween sweets and more...
Oii kui äge, et sattusin siia leheküljele! See on ikka mega vägev üritus, kuhu tahaksin kindlasti minna. Olen iga aasta korraldanud oma sõpradele ja lastele Halloweeni pidu aga Foobia küla üritus on ikka üle prahi pidu. Selliseid dekoratsioone ei näe iga pool ja päev läbi sisustatud programm on ikka midagi väga ägedat!!!Enne Foobia küla Halloweeni üritus sai näha analoogseid pidusid ainult piltidel või internetis videotena ja teistes riikides on sellised peod ju tegelikult väga pop värk!!
Прикольно задумали!!!! наверное будет очень угарно и жарко!!!! Фантазии отжигают!!!!



How to get to us?
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Very simple.
1. From the city center, take tram 1 or 6 and ride to the 'Krulli' stop. Cross the road and walk in the direction of the train station until you reach the corner of the building at Kopli 70a. Turn left and walk along the illuminated alley following the signs for 'Foobia Küla'.
2. By car, drive to the corner of the building at Kopli 70a and follow the signs for 'Foobia Küla' to the parking area. Alternatively, park your car in a safe spot along the nearby streets and walk to 'Foobia Küla'.

Is there a parking available?
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Yes, you can park on the factory premises according to the current EuroPark price list, zone EP299. Additionally, there is the option to park your car along the nearby streets while following the traffic regulations.

Are there any age restrictions?
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Since our decorations are quite scary, we do have age restrictions. Children under 7 years old are only allowed under the personal responsibility of their guardian. Children aged 7-14 can enter Foobia Küla village only when accompanied by an adult.

How can we determine the level of scariness of the installation?
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On the village map, the level of fear for each installation is indicated by pumpkins on a scale from 1 to 5. An installation with 1 pumpkin is less scary, while an installation with 5 pumpkins is the scariest.

Can I buy tickets on-site?
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Yes, you can buy tickets on-site. The ticket price is 40€. Payment can be made only in cash.